About Littlelady Empire

I do not have much recollection of my childhood however, I vividly recall the shopping experiences I shared with my mother. On countless occasions , my mother and I would visit a children’s boutique in pursuit of the perfect dress. On arrival we would be greeted by the store assistant who gladly took the time to accommodate to our every need. Piece by piece she would remove a transparent garment bag to present us with some of the most unique and high-quality pieces that were like nothing you had ever seen. I would leave the boutique elated, convinced that the dress I purchased was created especially for me. It was an experience that I truly carry with me till today.
Fast forward 20 years to when I had my three daughters. I cannot stress enough of the complexities I faced in finding quality and most importantly age appropriate garments. I struggled to find variety and that one on one customer service, which has sadly been diminished due to large chain stores and bureaucracy. This brings me to the reason that I decided to create my own clothing label. Littlelady Empire was born from feelings of nostalgia and my personal desire to dress my daughters in age appropriate, sweet yet sophisticated high quality pieces.
Designed and made in Australia Littlelady Empire aims to deliver sophisticated boutique style garment. Every piece is made and designed with your Littlelady in mind.

 With love Jiji💗